Touring America’s Sporting Cities – the Best Places to Go

American sports have always been quite, well, American. Over the years, the majority of professionals who play Baseball, Basketball, and American Football, have lived or been born in the US. However, as the world of journalism and sports coverage has changed, and the powers behind the franchises reach out to new customer bases, many of the teams have become global names.many of us now travel to the States to soak up some of the sights and sounds of the sports world in the US, but where are the best places to go? We’ve got it covered, from apartments for rent in Charlotte NC to the beachside hotels in Miami.

The obvious choices for sport include New York and Dallas. New York has two NFL teams, baseball and basketball teams and is home to the US tennis open, amongst other things. There is also Madison Square Gardens, which hosts some of the great Boxing fights of a generation. It can be quite expensive, though. Dallas also has sports teams who are extremely well supported, including the Cowboys, who play in a roofless stadium ‘so God can watch football from above’.

Another great place to watch sports is Indianapolis, who host the world famous Indy 500, as well as Football, Soccer and Basketball. There are some great hotels in the city, and there are many packages available for sporting events. That can also be said for Miami, home to the Dolphins and Miami Heat. Despite the tourist nature of Miami, it’s fairly easy to get hold of tickets for games. That can’t be said for Green Bay. If you wanted to watch them play at home, you are going to struggle, so avoid that if possible.

Boston has some fantastic apartment complexes to stay and visit. This is a fantastic base to go and visit the very successful teams that are based there. The Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins are all recent championship winners. There are also apartments for rent in Charlotte NC, which is home to the flying Carolina Panthers. The team, led by rising star Cam Newton, are one of the exciting teams in the league and well worth the visit.

Pittsburgh is home to various professional sports teams and in 2009 was voted best sports city, in the USA. One of the most interesting facts about the three teams (NFL, NHL and Baseball) is that they all play in black and gold, adopted as the city’s colours. This gives the city a real sense of pride over their teams. It’s a wonderful place to visit and soak up the atmosphere on game days.

Finally, Detroit is a city that is still clinging on to its tourism after a tough decade of economic turmoil. One thing to shout about is its love of sport; it has all four of the professional teams possible and the bonus for visitors is that you find accommodation fairly cheap. It is often picked as one of the best sports cities in the US.