Different City Apartment Breaks

There are plenty of apartments for rent in charlotte nc, a fantastic city which offers you a wonderfully spectacular insight into historical and topical trends of America right now. While considered to be in the South, North Carolina does not have the Deep South feel to it like Georgia, Alabama or Texas. It’s a wonderfully energetic city, considered one of the most up and coming cities in the US. Looking to get away for a weekend, and don’t want to visit the usual cities, try these wonderful places for something a little different.

Charlotte, North Carolina. It is home to the NASCAR hall of fame, as well as a very poignant look at the city’s involvement in the civil war at the ‘Levine Museum of the New South’. It’s also the home of numerous sports teams, the most notable being the Carolina Panthers, who play in the NFC. Worth a visit, either stay in one of the luxurious city hotels or try searching for apartments for rent in Charlotte NC.

Glasgow, Scotland

A city of culture and home to the Commonwealth games in 2014, the second city of Glasgow continues to invite interest from around the world. More hustle and bustle than nearby Edinburgh, the city offers an unrivalled shopping experience outside of London. Everything is within easy walking distance, and coupled with the friendly attitude of the locals; this is a place to grab an apartment and use it as a base to explore the city. If you like your music, then this is a wonderful place to spend a weekend, with top bands and DJs featured in many venues. In recent years, the Sub Club and the Berkeley Suite are just some of the clubs that are enticing world class DJs to play. There are plenty of apartments to hire, and the city is welcoming to group/party bookings.

Bergen, Norway

If you have a daughter under eight or a Disney fan, chances are you’ve seen Frozen. The city of Arendelle, where the film is ‘set’, is said to be in Norway under the northern lights. Bergen is about as close as you are going to get to those stunning mountainous views and a shimmering boat filled fjord, without having to drive in lengthy car journeys. With more flights expected in 2016 direct to Bergen, this is a fantastic spot for an idyllic, yet city standard, weekend break. If you prefer a weekend of Kayaking to Cocktails, then this might be more up your street.

Guanajuato, Mexico

Filled with remarkable plazas and stunning architecture, this entire city in Mexico is designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A visit here should contain a trip to see the underground streets, a phenomenon built from tunnels that once contained a river. A particular morbid attraction is the mummified remains of cholera sufferers in the 19th century in the joyously named Mummies of Guanajuato exhibition. This also benefits as a city break that can be explored entirely by your feet,

Why Charlotte is the must visit city in 2016

If you are looking for places to visit this year in the United States, look no further. Whilst there are the common hotspots across the country for tourism and popularity, don’t look past the great state of North Carolina, and what better way to explore the state than by staying in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, Charlotte.

The city itself is a growing mass of commerce and business that has seen remarkable change in the last thirty years. Not only does it host huge administrative headquarters for Bank of America and Wells Fargo, it provides a short drive away from spectacular walks on the Appalachian Trail, and a morning’s drive away to some wonderful beaches on the East coast. The bustling service and financial industries means there are plenty of apartments for rent in Charlotte NC. Failing that, you can stay in many hotels, some of the most popular uptown hotels include the Hilton on East 3rd Street, and the Marriot Hotel on West Trade Street, which has just undergone some improvements, and is looking great.

Within the city, you could catch a tour or a visit to the Carolina Panthers home stadium. The team is having a wonderful year, and it’s a great time to be an American football fan in North Carolina. If music is more your thing, then Charlotte has a remarkable line up of acts heading their way this year, including pop stars Rihanna, Mumford & Sons and Selena Gomez. They also boast great live venues playing the music Charlotte are most famous for, old-timey classics. Check out The Evening Muse or the Double Door Inn.

Food is fantastic in North Carolina, and Charlotte is no exception. With the state bordering the Atlantic, seafood is a booming economy and the famous Hot Garlic crab feed comes to town this year, allowing an all you can eat festival of garlic cooked crab meat that is wildly successful and well attended. A wonderful eatery called The Cowfish is also a great stop; they fuse traditional American burger cuisine with Asian flavors and combine their menu with sushi to tingle your taste buds. Once stuffed, take a visit to the biggest mall in Carolina, South Park Mall, which is so large that it has the local district named after it.

Whilst staying in one of the apartments for rent in Charlotte NC, make sure you check out the wonderful theme park. It is best in the summer, when the water park is open and the sun is blazing. This year sees them open up a brand new harbor attraction, effectively doubling areas of the park. It is set to look fantastic.

Finally, don’t visit Charlotte without heading over to the ‘Hollywood of the East’ in Wilmington, where films such as Iron Man 3 and the Hunger Games have all filmed. There are even survival courses and archery lessons available based on the Hunger Games franchise.

So there you have it, North Carolina is yours for the taking this year.

Why choosing the location to start a career is easier than ever

Years ago, hundreds of thousands of people jumped on crowded boats and sailed the Atlantic to arrive in the United States of America. They left their homes in hope, and took with them some meagre belongings and collectively one dream. The American Dream.

These forefathers deserve recognition for having a true belief in themselves, and the future. This is because right now, there are literally millions of people wondering whether to leave the jobs, and most of them won’t. This generation worries, and often about the smallest things, like whether they’ll still get free coffee in the office, or if parking may be more difficult. Perhaps the commute is an extra ten minutes. Oh, the hassle! Two hundred years ago people were commuting across oceans, and it took those weeks.

Of course, there are real concerns too. Will Detroit, MI slump back into recession? Is it easy to find apartments for rent in Charlotte NC? Thirty, even twenty years ago, these questions were answered vaguely by news reports and relatives of relatives who once spent a week vacationing there and are classed as experts. Now, of course, we have the internet. The speed of information is instant. Decisions can be made carefully and effectively based on real information.

Take for example WalletHub, who provide ranking systems that compare key indicators on a state or city’s performance. If you were choosing a city to begin a general career, then they rank practically any large city in Texas as a good place to start, due to the happiness of life and job availability/salary. It also shows that due to high unemployment, Detroit is still a risky place to start your career, despite recent upturn.

Even if you have a specific career choice, Wallet hub has you covered. A Teacher? Then head to Massachusetts or Virginia. Becoming a Nurse? Then head to Washington, Colorado or Minnesota. There are even ranking tables for families (Virginia Beach, perhaps?) and for those who are thinking of retiring too (Florida cities ranks highest as if you needed confirming).

This in-depth metrics can sway even the most concrete individuals. You can’t argue with the evidence, so now is the time to use really the information and make an informed decision. Of course, there is still one measure which can’t be controlled or ranked. That is gut instinct. If we didn’t have the gut instinct, nobody would make it in Hollywood. In fact, no-one would visit LA because job prospects aren’t great.

We get that sometimes, you have to go with the heart. But your brain isn’t left out in the cold anymore. There is no need to worry about if the weather is better in Utah, or if indeed there are apartments for rent in Charlotte NC. Get online, do the research, and make an informed decision that you can’t regret. What would Christopher Columbus think of that?

If that is just too much hard work, then the answer always seems to be Texas. Or you could always look abroad…

Touring America’s sporting cities – the best places to go

American sports have always been quite, well, American. Over the years, the majority of professionals who play Baseball, Basketball, and American Football, have lived or been born in the US. However, as the world of journalism and sports coverage has changed, and the powers behind the franchises reach out to new customer bases, many of the teams have become global names.

Many of us now travel to the States to soak up some of the sights and sounds of the sports world in the US, but where are the best places to go? We’ve got it covered, from apartments for rent in Charlotte NC to the beachside hotels in Miami.

The obvious choices for sport include New York and Dallas. New York has two NFL teams, baseball and basketball teams and is home to the US tennis open, amongst other things. There is also Madison Square Gardens, which hosts some of the great Boxing fights of a generation. It can be quite expensive, though. Dallas also has sports teams who are extremely well supported, including the Cowboys, who play in a roofless stadium ‘so God can watch football from above’.

Another great place to watch sports is Indianapolis, who host the world famous Indy 500, as well as Football, Soccer and Basketball. There are some great hotels in the city, and there are many packages available for sporting events. That can also be said for Miami, home to the Dolphins and Miami Heat. Despite the tourist nature of Miami, it’s fairly easy to get hold of tickets for games. That can’t be said for Green Bay. If you wanted to watch them play at home, you are going to struggle, so avoid that if possible.

Boston has some fantastic apartment complexes to stay and visit. This is a fantastic base to go and visit the very successful teams that are based there. The Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins are all recent championship winners. There are also apartments for rent in Charlotte NC, which is home to the flying Carolina Panthers. The team, led by rising star Cam Newton, are one of the exciting teams in the league and well worth the visit.

Pittsburgh is home to various professional sports teams and in 2009 was voted best sports city, in the USA. One of the most interesting facts about the three teams (NFL, NHL and Baseball) is that they all play in black and gold, adopted as the city’s colours. This gives the city a real sense of pride over their teams. It’s a wonderful place to visit and soak up the atmosphere on game days.

Finally, Detroit is a city that is still clinging on to its tourism after a tough decade of economic turmoil. One thing to shout about is its love of sport; it has all four of the professional teams possible and the bonus for visitors is that you find accommodation fairly cheap. It is often picked as one of the best sports cities in the US.